Serious side effect of #6299 (silencing salut so gabble can connect)

Dafydd Harries dafydd.harries at
Fri Feb 15 08:31:57 EST 2008

Ar 15/02/2008 am 00:09, ysgrifennodd John Gilmore:
> > > Many activities are calling PS get_preferred_connection() ...
> > > However, during the period when we stop salut to let gabble try to
> > > connect, this call fails as there is no running plugin in PS. If an
> > > activity is launched during this time ... crash with a gray screen.
> > > This affects: Calculate, Chat, Pippy, Record, Web and Write (of the
> > > activities we bundle) and potentially other non-bundled activities.
> Is there any reason why utterly local activities, which the user has
> never shared, are hooking themselves up to a sharing API?
> (Perhaps this is one of the reasons for slow activity startup?)
> I suggest that activities never think about, or talk to, or even
> import, the presence service or Tubes or Telepathy or anything --
> until the user actually hits "Share" on the activity.  That would fix
> this bug.  It's probably too intrusive a textual change for update.1,
> though.

There is still a problem there: when you hit the Share button, there might not
be a connection that you can use for collaboration. The activity can tell that
this is the case, but can't tell when sharing does become available.

Ideally, we would enable and disable the sharing button at appropriate times.

I agree we should delay as much initialisation as possible if it saves us
startup time.


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