New joyride build 1687

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Wed Feb 13 02:24:17 EST 2008

Changes in build 1687 from build: 1686

Size delta: 0.00M

-rainbow 0.7.9-1.olpc2
+rainbow 0.7.10-1.olpc2
-xterm 231-1.fc7
+xterm 232-1.fc7
-krb5-libs 1.6.1-4.fc7
+krb5-libs 1.6.1-6.fc7
-olpc-utils 0.67-1.olpc2
+olpc-utils 0.68-1.olpc2
-openldap 2.3.34-6.fc7
+openldap 2.3.34-7.fc7
-Terminal 8
+Terminal 9
-olpcsudo 1.3-0

--- Changes for rainbow 0.7.10-1.olpc2 from 0.7.9-1.olpc2 ---
  + Symlink ~/{.macromedia,.adobe} -> ~/.instance to ease

--- Changes for xterm 232-1.fc7 from 231-1.fc7 ---
  + update to 232

--- Changes for olpc-utils 0.68-1.olpc2 from 0.67-1.olpc2 ---
  + Import olpc-netstatus 0.4 from Yanni
  + dlo#5746: Do not try to rename msh0.
  + dlo#5153: Fix sysfs path to rtap
  + Use GPLv2+ license tag as nothing in this package is GPLv2-only.
  + Make preview cleaner robust in the case of a missing datastore
  + Do not bother running journal cleaner on fresh installations (saves time on first boot)
  + Add a silly TODO list
  + Bump revision to 0.65
  + Import olpc-netlog-0.3 and olpc-netstatus-0.3
  + Add 'clean-previews' and incorporate it into olpc-configure.
  + 'become_root' script merged upstream.
  + Update License field to GPLv2 in order to match the COPYING file.
  + Install a simple 'become_root' script to ease dlo#5537.
  + dlo#5626: Fix permissions in /home/bernie.
  + Insert extra spacing at the top for cosmetic reasons
  + Spacing fixes
  + Add missing cron job for olpc-pwr-prof
  + Power profile scripts
  + Construct Rainbow's spool dir if it doesn't exist - #5033
  + Ensure /security has reasonable permissions.
  + Depend on /usr/bin/find
  + Remove files in $OLPC_HOME before creating them.
  + Add missing dependencies.
  + Use /ofw/openprom/model instead of olpc-bios-sig
  + Add more missing dependencies
  + Remove stray reference to olpc-bios-sig.c.
  + Pass absolute paths to rpmbuild
  + Add back sbin dirs to unprivileged users PATH
  + Invoke rainbow-replay-spool
  + Remove stupid 'exit 0' in that makes bash *exit* rather than skip the scriptlet
  + Depend on tcpdump for olpc-netcapture.
  + Fix version replacement in spec file
  + Merge olpc-netstatus 0.2
  + Merge olpc-netlog 0.2
  + Really bump revision
  + Add a couple of new languages
  + Add missing files
  + Ensure correct keyboard is loaded even on first boot
  + Don't create /root/.i18n as it makes us loose the boot time optimization
  + Add code to help us improve boot time
  + Add VMware configuration.
  + Fix
  + Display motd in profile, not through /bin/login
  + Simplyfy setxkb invocation
  + Add ASCII art for motd (need more translations)
  + More languages for the motd
  + Replace fake input driver hack with proper config option.
  + Fix
  + Simplify test for Geode
  + Reindent with TABs to match other init scripts
  + Remove check for A-test boards (the following code is harmelss)
  + Be a little more verbose on progress.
  + Fix Update library index
  + Only run checks on start
  + Use $OLPC_HOME consistently
  + Only run hardware configuration on startup.
  + Fix numeric test on empty flag file.
  + Bump revision
  + Add olpc-netcapture to %files
  + Fix olpc#5195: Console font too small when using pretty boot.
  + Bump revision
  + Add autoconf check for PAM
  + Update spec file
  + Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
  + Automatically push to origin on bumprev
  + Fix bumprev rule
  + Bump revision
  + Reorganize variables
  + Fix
  + Fix permissions on /home/olpc
  + Bump revision
  + Pacify automake's portability warnings
  + Update spec file
  + Even more aggressive packaging automation
  + Add script to import srpms in Fedora.
  + Merge commit 'cscott/master'
  + Explicitly strip NUL from mfg tags
  + Add to EXTRADIST
  + Fix
  + Bump revision
  + Separate out configuration done to /home and /.
  + Create /home/devkey.html, which can be used to request a developer key.
  + Automate the release process a bit more.
  + Approximate XOs DPI on emulators.
  + ReTAB.
  + Automate specfile generation some more
  + Ignore a few more generated files.
  + Set i18n settings from the new manufacturing data tags
  + Go back to starting sugar with /usr/bin/sugar.
  + Bump revision
  + Add bumprev rule
  + Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
  + Add rule to generate RPM changelog.
  + Add support for X 1.3
  + Bump revision
  + Don't specify the (olpc) XKB variant esplicitly when not needed
  + Fix
  + Bump revision
  + Typo: /etc/skel/.xession-example -> /etc/skel/.xsession-example
  + Add "ulimit -c unlimited" example in .xsession-example
  + Reverse check for A-test (bad monkey no bananas)
  + Restore i18n, integrate /usr/bin/sugar.
  + Disable .tar.gz and bump revision
  + Fix check for sugar debug for new scheme.
  + Be more specific in instructions on how to generate tarball
  + Install .xession-example in /etc/skel
  + REALLY drop obsolete olpc-register
  + Drop obsolete olpc-register
  + Source custom user session last, so they can override everything we did
  + Bump revision to 0.40
  + Rename user session to .xsession so it sounds familiar
  + Make .i18n owned by user olpc and simplify script
  + Fix X config file on qemu (untested)
  + Improve override mechanism and make XKB_VARIANT optional
  + Simplify by using extended XKB syntax instead of a separate XKB_VARIANT
  + Remove now useless nvram code for DCON detection
  + Add support for /etc/sysconfig/keyboard
  + Bump revision
  + Rename custom user session to ~/.olpcinit to avoid sourcing stale .xinitrc file on updates.
  + Delete stray xorg.conf left by old versions of pilgrim.
  + Make olpc-configure executable
  + Bump revision to 0.32
  + Juggle keyboard and language configuration stuff between olpc-configure
  + Bump revision to 0.31
  + Make olpc-configure pkgconfig compliant
  + Bump revision to 0.30
  + Whitespace cleanup
  + Fix compiler warnings
  + Add xorg.conf files
  + Add olpc-netlog and olpc-netstatus
  + Add olpc-session (replaces .xinitrc)
  + Add olpc-logbat from Richard Smith
  + Add olpc-configure
  + Add olpc-dm
  + Switch to automake
  + Drop olpc-evdev
  + Temporarily disable olpc-register because nobody seems to know what it was for
  + Add registration utility

--- Changes for openldap 2.3.34-7.fc7 from 2.3.34-6.fc7 ---
  + fix CVE-2008-0658 (#432012)

--- Changes for Terminal 9 from 8 ---
  + #6316: Cause the 'become root' button to fork a root terminal.

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