increase-mcast-rate script

Ricardo Carrano carrano at
Thu Feb 14 08:18:26 EST 2008

Two comments on the "/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/increase-mcast-rate"

1 - The rates passed to iwpriv must be doubled. The way it is the rates are
being fixed at 18Mbps.

2 - Also using msh0 or eth0 makes no difference. We don't need both iwpriv
commands. The command does not affect infra-structure traffic, either way.

So, for clarity sake, I believe what is intended is:
iwpriv msh0 mesh_set_bcastr 72

Or, if the intended rate is 11Mbps:
iwpriv msh0 mesh_set_bcastr 22

I am filling this as a bug, just in case (#6461)

Ricardo Carrano
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