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Yuan Chao yuanchao at
Sat Feb 9 11:20:50 EST 2008

2008/2/9 ffm <ffm246 at>:

> On Feb 8, 2008 10:42 AM, Mikus Grinbergs <mikus at> wrote:
> > I'm using a wired connection for my G1G1.  To preserve that
> > connection, I've entered 'touch /etc/ohm/inhibit-suspend'.
> >
> > With the more recent firmware updates, my screen periodically dims
> > (around 55 seconds from one dim to the next) and brightens (about
> > six seconds after it has dimmed).
> >
> That's been happening for me all the time on my B4, which cannot suspend at
> all since 650 (intentional). This occurs often in any suspend-inhibited XO
> using any version of the software after 650.
This issue has been reported in trac.
It seems that B4 is a bit obsoleted now and would be too much burden
for developers to maintain corresponding codes. Though it would be
nicer to me if OHM could keep the back light level if not suspending
to avoid this problem. Also it's not very reasonable to me that OHM
always sets to full back light level when entering shutdown sequence.

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Yuan Chao

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