Observing games

Gerard J. Cerchio gjpc at circlesoft.com
Wed Feb 6 14:17:51 EST 2008

Edward Cherlin wrote:
> On Feb 6, 2008 8:46 AM, Gerard J. Cerchio <gjpc at circlesoft.com> wrote:
>>> I previously asked for volunteers to work on Connect. Despite some
>>> interest, it hasn't progressed further, so I'll reiterate: Patches
>>> welcome!
>>> Regards
>>> Morgan
>> Once I have more time, in say a month or two, I'll continue development
>> on PlayGo again which is a direct descendant of Connect. I'll keep in
>> mind that you would like enhancements to propagate up the tree.
>> - Gerard
> Thanks, Gerard.
> We have a good page on the Wiki for Activities, with links to
> individual projects. What would be a good way to share information on
> these more general development projects? Is there a page for it?
> Should we turn the observing functions into a shared library and have
> a Libraries page? We have the same issue with text-to-speech in the
> Speak activity. It started as a standalone activity, but makes sense
> to provide as an option for all activity development. Not in Draw or
> TamTam, perhaps, but certainly in Browse, Write, Calc, and others.
I am all for a collection of widgets that you cut and paste from a wiki 
page. This way there can be a lot of documentation around the code that 
does not bloat the git. Some functionality like a chat window would 
probably be moved un-modified into a framework built game application. 
However most of the game specific communication bits I feel must just be 
presented as a scaffold that the developer would drop into her code and 
modify to suit communication requirements of the individual project. As 
long as they don't break the framework, the standard widgets should be fine.

I started a general documentation of Activity basics, with the intention 
of finding an existing page to home it or coming up with a clever new 
page name.

Alas, I still must work for a living....

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