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 We are planning to develop a power management software for OLPC. So it
basically deals with the system hardware. It will require the register
values for calculation. But we are not familiar with this kind of stuff.

 Actually we are final year B.Tech - Information Technology students. We are
familiar with C,C++. Also some core computer subjects like Data Structures,
Computer Architecture, Operating Systems in general, Database Systems,
Object Modeling &  Design etc. We need to refresh our knowledge in OS. Also
we did our lab sessions in Linux, but we don't know more about Linux. I mean
that not in the kernel level. We are really new to it. Our plan is to build
an application which has power management stuff in it. So we think that it
requires to have perfect knowledge of kernel level programming.

 It will be really helpful for us, if we get help from you people.


On 2/5/08, Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu at> wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-02-05 at 10:48 +0530, ASWATHY PRASAD wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> >  How to get started with OLPC for developing a software? Is there any
> > area which we require to know about in particular?
> >
> >  How can we get to know more about the architecture of the OLPC? Also
> > the OS of OLPC and the registers it use for various purposes.
> is where all public information lives. If you cannot
> find something there that is important for your efforts, ask in IRC and
> please add it to the wiki.
> >  Is that all the activities developed in OLPC is in Python? Can't we
> > go for any other language? Can't we use C for it?
> Activities can be developed in any language, but until this point we
> have focused in making life easier for python developers, as is the
> language that we expect to be more used by users.
> >  How do we get started with the kernel level programming in OLPC? Is
> > it exactly the same way as in Fedora?
> Think so, there's some info in the wiki.
> I would recommend you and in general to all people looking for something
> to do, to send an email to this list presenting yourself, your current
> skills and the areas you have more interest. I'm sure the developers
> will try to find something fun and interesting for you to work on.
> Good luck,
> Tomeu
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