Pen Tablet firmware test doesn't work on beta2 machine

Patrick Dubroy pdubroy at
Mon Feb 4 16:59:52 EST 2008

I've got a beta2 machine, and access to a beta4 machine as well. On
the B2, when I boot into the firmware tests and get to the Pen
Tablet/Glide Sensor test, I get absolutely no response from the Pen
Tablet. The Glide Sensor (touchpad) works fine. I've also tried
running 'evtest /dev/input/event5 1' and that also fails to detect any
input on the tablet.

On the beta4 machine, both of these tests worked as expected.

Any idea why the touchpad wouldn't be working on the beta2 machine?
Does anyone else have a B2 that they could test? It's possible I've
just got some bad hardware.



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