I have an OLPCGames SVG problem

Kent Loobey kent at uoregon.edu
Sat Feb 2 15:07:18 EST 2008

On Saturday 02 February 2008 06:51:39 Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
> Kent Loobey wrote:
> > I am new to both Python and SVG.  I have taken some sample code from
> > OLPCGames and made a test program.  I have created an svg file using
> > Inkscape.  if I use the sample "activity.svg" file it displays okay but
> > if I use the file I made it does not.
> >
> > What Linux software can create SVG files that olpcgames svgsprite can
> > process?
> I use Inkscape for producing svg files.  Can you tell *how* it is
> failing?  

I stopped using my code and just made a copy of svgspritetest.activity.  I am 
using it instead and just trying different SVG files that I am making.

At this point my problem seems to be one of color.  I have since learned that 
the colors of my original images were not distinguishable.  I seem to 
remember somewhere that you all are using a 16 bit palette.  It could be that 
I am making images that are 32 bit and when it maps them to 16 bit they 
change.  I say this because I made some new images with more colors in them 
and they now display with distorted color in svgspritetest.activity.

The colors are just wrong, i.e., Red shows up as blue for example.  This leads 
me to believe that all my images have been displayed but that I can't see 
some of them because they have been mapped to the same color as the 

I am not sure what to do about this.

> Is there an exception showing up in the log viewer?  


> Or is it just silently showing nothing?

My initial images did not show anything.

> Is your size such that the image would show up on-screen?

My initial images were 48x48 pixels.  The activity.svg image included with 
svgspritetest.activity is 45x45.

> SVGSprite will try to guess a size based on the 
> embedded declared size of the image, so it's possible your image is
> actually showing up, but you're just seeing the (blank) corner of it.
> Under the covers we're just using rsvg to do the rendering, so it should
> be able to handle most SVG files.
> Good luck,
> Mike

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