Minutes of Power in 9.1.0 meeting

david at lang.hm david at lang.hm
Thu Dec 25 04:05:09 EST 2008

On Wed, 24 Dec 2008, John Gilmore wrote:

>> Also, who is tracking the added ability to shut off power to the radio
>> interface and its logic when the radio is set to off in its control
>> panel (requirement 2)?
> The difference between "Radio Off" and "Extreme Power Management"
> should become that "Radio Off" still leaves the USB bus functioning,
> though it will power-off the WiFi chip.  This would allow airplane users
> to still use USB sticks or USB keyboards, for example.
> Both settings should have similar impacts on power, since I think the
> big power hog is the WiFi chip, not the USB bus itself).  I don't
> think anyone has quantified how much power difference there would be, tho.
> I added a section to the wiki page, mentioning related tickets, and
> also filed a new ticket for the exact issue (#9145).  I'm beginning to
> think that if we just fix #6995 (mesh icon in Frame that allows
> picking Mesh channel and disabling it), then this control panel item
> won't be needed, and the Frame will provide all the controls needed.
> If you disable the mesh and you disconnect from any access point, the
> WiFi will power down.  Simple.  It powers up when you turn on either
> the mesh or try to connect to an access point (enter the Network
> screen).  We'd have to fix the Network screen so that if you go there,
> look at the pretty icons, maybe even try a few, then leave the page,
> if you aren't connected to an access point (or mesh) when you leave,
> it should power down the radio again.

the only problem I see with this is that if the radio is off until you try 
to connect then when you go to the network screen it will be mostly blank 
for a while (until it hears the SSID broadcasts)

could you do something along the lines of remembering what access points 
you have connected to and show them (indicating somehow that signal 
strength is unknown and that the network may not really be there)? this 
wouldn't solve all of the issues, but it would help when people are 
operating in 'known' areas.

along similar lines an issue I have been seeing with the network screen 
(but haven't gotten around to reporting). my home access point is 
encrypted and sometimes I can reconnect to it without a problem, but 
sometimes it acts as if it's never been connected to before (asking me for 
the encryption key). I've had to resort to printing the key and keeping it 
with me (not convienient or good for security). is this a known issue? is 
there anything I can do to help track down the issue?

David Lang

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