New joyride build 2605

Build Announcer v2 reinier at
Mon Dec 22 17:49:53 EST 2008

Changes in build 2605 from build: 2604

Size delta: -1.97M

-libertas-usb8388-firmware 2:5.110.22.p18-1.olpc2
+libertas-usb8388-firmware 2:5.110.22.p23-1.olpc3
-nash 6.0.71-2.fc10
+nash 6.0.71-3.fc10
-sugar-artwork 0.83.1-2.20081211git3fe6ebe6a8.olpc4
+sugar-artwork 0.83.2-1.olpc4
-sugar 0.83.3-2.20081211git78c54da36b.olpc4
+sugar 0.83.4-2.olpc4
-sugar-base 0.83.1-1.olpc4
+sugar-base 0.83.2-2.olpc4
-sugar-datastore 0.83.0-1.olpc4
+sugar-datastore 0.83.1-1.olpc4
-sugar-presence-service 0.83.1-2.olpc4
+sugar-presence-service 0.83.2-1.olpc4
-sugar-toolkit 0.83.2-1.20081209git054aaf8590.olpc4
+sugar-toolkit 0.83.3-2.olpc4
-gsm 1.0.12-6.fc9
-libao 0.8.8-5.fc10
-libsamplerate 0.1.4-1.fc10
-libtool-ltdl 1.5.26-4.fc10
-mozplugger 1.10.1-3.fc10
-sox 14.1.0-5.20081105cvs.fc10

--- Changes for sugar-artwork 0.83.2-1.olpc4 from 0.83.1-2.20081211git3fe6ebe6a8.olpc4 ---
  + New icon for the wired network

--- Changes for sugar 0.83.4-2.olpc4 from 0.83.3-2.20081211git78c54da36b.olpc4 ---
  + new download url
  + Fix language parsing on Gentoo and ALTLinux #81 (alsroot)
  + Change the FRAME_POSITION_RELATIVE to follow eben's spec
  + exec sugar-session
  + Add wired device icon for the frame
  + Only show wireless device in the frame when connecting/connected
  + Use by default
  + Only create a keydialog for the activating connection
  + CanvasPulsingIcon: Don't begin pulse loop on resume if not pulsing
  + Use g_timeout_add_seconds() for power efficiency
  + Add the journal button to the volumes toolbar in the journal
  + Remove jarabe/model/ and use gio instead
  + First try at restoring removable devices support in the journal
  + make the image viewer activity the default one for iamges

--- Changes for sugar-toolkit 0.83.3-2.olpc4 from 0.83.2-1.20081209git054aaf8590.olpc4 ---
  + new download url
  + Fix palette highlighting on tray icons. Patch by benzea, style tweaks by marcopg
  + Rework palette state logic. Fix #42
  + Use g_timeout_add_seconds() for power efficiency
  + Add colors to icons in menu items
  + Add accelerator support to menu items
  + Simplify activity bundle installation
  + Dont pop down the palette when a submenu opens

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