Problems revealed by a report of detailed changes to 8.2.1 tickets.

Ed McNierney edmcnierney at
Mon Dec 22 13:57:56 EST 2008

Michael -

Are we able to promptly and regularly generate 8.2.1 builds that  
reflect the work being done?  From last week's reports I get the  
impression that various bits of progress are being made, but we've had  
no 8.2.1 builds since the first one.

If there is anything you (or anyone else) can do to ensure that bug  
fixes can quickly get into a build for testing, that would be very  
helpful and an excellent assignment.  Please let me know if there is  
anything I can do to assist.  Thanks.

      - Ed

On Dec 22, 2008, at 1:39 PM, Michael Stone <michael at> wrote:

> Ed,
> I made in the image of one
> of my old 8.2.0 reports. (TIME is the number of seconds of history  
> that
> you want to view so that URL shows you all changes to tickets with
> milestone 8.2.1 made in the last 9-10 days).
> At the time of this writing, over the past week, 7 out of 16 tickets
> have been updated, primarily by Deepak and Scott with some additional
> questions and discussion from Sayamindu, Bert, and Simon.
> I know that I find this degree of recorded progress less than
> satisfactory. Do you feel the same way? If so, you need to know that I
> feel neither empowered nor requested to push this along as fast as it
> can go. (Does anyone else feel similarly?)
> Consequently, if you want my full potential contribution to 8.2.1 to  
> be
> realized, I strongly suggest that you, as 8.2.1 release manager, would
> do well to provide me with better and more regular instruction, e.g.  
> by
>  * assigning some 8.2.1 tickets to me, (I have none)
>  * by requesting me to choose some tickets that I can handle,
>  * by _promptly and regularly_ checking in with all of the people in
>    the critical path to release to find and remove obstacles to their
>    work,
>  * or by delegating the responsibility and authority to do these  
> things
>    to someone else if that's the best way to get the job done.
> To summarize, Trac suggests to me that people are either not reporting
> their work or are stuck, perhaps because of deadlock, contention,
> starvation, challenge, or distraction. How are you going to solve the
> problem?
> Michael

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