Slimmed Down Fedora 10 on XO

Chris Ball cjb at
Tue Dec 16 12:56:47 EST 2008


   > (but seriously: we only need to add to what we have -- we don't
   > need to start from scratch, rebuilding and/or subtracting from
   > fedora.)

In particular, I think:

   * take a Joyride build
   * yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop Environment"
   * should be
     portable to GNOME in a mechanical (s/xfce/gnome/g) fashion.
   * follow the rest of the instructions in:
     to launch GNOME if it's been selected in the control panel
   * write a GNOME menu item/desktop icon to switch back to Sugar

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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