Help runnning a script after Installing an activity from .xo

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Wed Dec 17 20:34:31 EST 2008

2008/12/16 shivaprasad javali <jbsp72 at>

> Hi,
> I am developing an activity for the XO. I have the .xo file ready to
> install but I still have one problem. After Installing the activity I need
> to make the XO run a script. I need to do this because the Application makes
> use of the OSS module to render sound which is not loaded by default on the
> XO. So I have to modify the /etc/sysconfig/modules/olpc-1.modules file so
> that I ask the XO to load the OSS module when it boots.
> As I understand it the .xo file is just a zip file and when you install it
> will just be unzipped and put in the proper location. So is there any way I
> can get it to run a script after installing and be in the super user mode
> when I run the script. I also need to run the script so that the proper
> localisation files suitable for the language of the XO to be copied to
> proper locations. I dont want to create a different .xo file for each
> language.

I think this is beyond the .xo file system.  For Colors! Wacom support
(which is an optional component of the activity, in my case) I provide a
link to an install script on the activity wiki page, and then along with the
users, try to convince the OLPC guys to include my module in their builds :)

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