Sugar & XFCE

Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Fri Dec 5 06:37:37 EST 2008

Hi all.

OLPC dev considering the support of XFCE in future builds is music to my ears.

After getting to experience hands on an actual XO machine running
Sugar a few months ago, I encountered the following issues:

1) The Journal / lack of a real file manager:
a) accumulation of too many no longer needed journal entries over time
which makes usage difficult
b) the flat file/listing heirarchy, which makes organization a bit
unwieldy -> resulting in hundreds of "unreadable/unusable" entries if
you stick in an SD card with browser-based content containing hundreds
c) the difficulty in transferring multiple files, requiring the
terminal or MC to do extensive file transferring

2) Apps need to be sugarized.
Before I was able to actually try an XO hands-on, I had it in my mind
that OLPC was going to show the world how fantastic linux was
especially because there were thousands of fantastic apps already out
there that could be run by just downloading and slapping them onto the

Sadly, this is not the case because of the need for everything to be Sugarized.

It's difficult enough finding enough linux-based content
contributors/authors/developers on the same scale as for platforms
like windows. The added step of needing to sugarize applications and
not conflicting with rainbow security is a double-whammy. Add to the
fact that a lot of the authors contribute on a volunteer basis, and
not as paid developers.

We have to make the process of developing apps/content for the XO much

3) Vector graphics and the animated frame transitions cannot be kind
on the processor.

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