Fedora 10 on XO

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 05:17:02 EST 2008

>   > is xfce the right choice?  i know it's "easy", but we should be
>   > sure it's correct.  (i've been using it on my own xo, in a
>   > relatively unsophisticated way, but in the end that only makes it
>   > feel like an unsophisticated interface, so i may not be the best
>   > judge.  :-)
> I agree that the choice is yet to be made and isn't totally obvious.
> I prefer using GNOME, but our current answer for "How much disk space
> does it require to run Fedora 10 and GNOME and apps?" is "a 4GB SD card
> and 256M of swap", so it seems hard to get there from here.  Maybe we
> can run GNOME and some tiny set of apps without blowing the NAND budget,
> though..

I think it should be more achievable once libgnome and friends are
gone along with some splitting of some of the 'extra' features in some
main packages out into sub packages. This ties quite nicely in with a
NetBook "Fedora Mini" spin I've been looking at, which is how I got
side tracked into OLPC :-)


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