9.1.0 Weekly Meeting Minutes (formerly called the feature roadmap meeting)

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 08:20:44 EST 2008

Caryl, Chris, Scott, Ed, CJL, Greg, Marco and possibly others met on 
IRC, Wed. December 3.

Next meeting December 10 2PM US ET. See agenda below.

- XO camp update. See: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XOcamp_2
Comment that travel budget is not final but Ed is working on it. 
Discussion about the goal of the meeting (see link) and comment that SJ 
plans to add a "community" track of meetings which will run in parallel 
to the technical proposals.
Comment by Scott:
"for the record, i think we should come up with a better goal for xocamp2"
Request that anyone who is presenting or has something valuable to add, 
please update the proposals with agenda details and presentations. More 
time reserved next meeting week for XO Camp. All are welcome to iron out 
goal and proposals in e-mail and on the wiki page.

- Status and action items for Feature roadmap page: 

Comment that Greg and S. are working on turning it in to a sortable 
semantic format. See definition here: 

When all well-defined features are listed in the main section, we will 
triage them for inclusion in 9.1. Target of next Wed to start feature 

- Agree on Trac conventions for 9.1.
General agreement that Milestone = 9.1.0 will list all bugs which are 
targeted for the release. IDs with milestone = 9.1.0 will be "turned 
into real, implementable work with someone working on them (or assigned 
to them, even if work hasn't started)."

More trac usage to be defined in follow up meeting which Ed will convene 
with Michael and others. Will also cover synching with upstream bug 
systems. Discussion of Trac - Bugzilla, Trac to Trac, and OLPC - Fedora 

After the meeting, Ed and team will update this page: 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Trac_conventions for 9.1.0.

Goal to start review of all open Trac items December 15 and 16, four 
hours each day. End result will be a list of must fix bugs for 9.1.0.

- General comment by Greg:
To post 9.1.0 in March we must have a clean list of features and must 
fix bugs before Christmas!

Time to ratchet up the productivity! See the updated 9.1.0 page, 
especially the schedule section: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/9.1.0

Edits and additions welcome.

- Action items
* Everyone to update roadmap page. I especially need help finding a home 
for everything in the engineering section: 
Please move your comments from there in to the main section.

* Greg to get semantic format in place and start flagging features for 

* Ed to convene meeting on trac conventions for 9.1.0

* Greg to update XOcamp page with an attendee section

* Greg to schedule two grueling bug backlog triage meetings for 12/15 
and 1/16.

Next meeting December 10, 2PM US ET, IRC freenode.net #olpc-meeting.

Agenda for next week:
20 minutes - XO Camp update
20 minutes roadmap update and 9.1.0 page edits (especially schedule)
10 minutes finalize and approve trac usage
10 agenda and action items for next week

Comments and additions welcome!


Greg S

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