Music Keyboard for TamTam?

Edward Cherlin echerlin at
Thu Dec 4 03:15:44 EST 2008

On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 11:55 PM, Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at> wrote:
> Thanks for all your efforts!
> The last time I used a midi keyboard with a Mac (it was a G3) it had to have
> a special "midi interface" and then was just "plug and play" from there
> using Finale as a program. In looking over your discussion below, it looks
> like you did manage to get a midi keyboard to work with the XO, but with
> great difficulty. Some questions...
> Will it work with all of the TamTam Activities?
> Is it likely that all midi keyboards would work?

All MIDI *USB* keyboards. Not those with only the standard MIDI
connector, unless we find MIDI to USB converters cheap.

> Would it be possible to put the instructions into language that the less
> technically inclined could easily follow to get started on this?

As soon as we decide on the technical solution. "Plug in your USB MIDI
instrument, assign it an instrumental voice in the UI, and play,"
should about cover it when we have everything put together.

> Does anything have to be changed in the software/hardware to make this
> easily used by teachers everywhere?

It should be set up so that it Just Works.

> Do you know of any source of very simple, inexpensive midi keyboards? No
> bells and whistles needed, they are already in the XO in the TamTam
> Activities.

Google very kindly put this ad up in Google mail next to your message.

Yamaha UX16 MIDI/USB
$41.99 In Stock Now
Free Shipping

> Could easier use of a midi keyboard be incorporated into a change in the
> Sugar OS (like 9.1.0)?
> Or is there an easy way to make the current set-up easier?

I leave the rest to the developers.

> Thanks again for your interest and efforts!
> Caryl

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