Build 754 (8.2)

C. Scott Ananian cscott at
Wed Aug 20 16:17:42 EDT 2008

I've made build 754 on the stable 8.2 stream, resynchronized to
joyride-2313. (See

In addition, I've made the following stable-build-stream-only changes:
 - Fixup /etc/fedora-release so that yum works properly (trac #4264, #7398)
 - Disable X shared memory extension (trac #7612)
 - Disable cerebro startup (possibly related to trac #7984)

I've also reworked the yum repository configuration on the *installed*
XO so that 'yum upgrade' should work, and you should be able to 'yum
install' packages not included in the base system.  Let me know if
there are additional configuration tweaks I could do to make this work

for the complete pilgrim diffs.

 ( )

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