updating OLPC_{Region} pages, with a payoff

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Fri Aug 22 20:48:51 EDT 2008

Summary: people who know about deployments, please update the pages in 

(Is there's a better e-mail list for deployments?)

I added deployment data and a timeline of deliveries to Gregs's status 
in http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Deployments .  It's interesting and 
motivating IMO.

It queries deployment pages (using Francesca/femslade's work) for the 
info.  So if you know more about a deployment, please update its 
OLPC_{Region} page using its [edit] or [edit with form] tab, or you can 
privately e-mail me the info and I'll do it.

Should there be an OLPC_G1G1 page for the G1G1 "deployment"?

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