#8041 HIGH 9.1.0: Sugar lacks a "Trash/Recycle bin" system

pgf at laptop.org pgf at laptop.org
Wed Aug 20 10:15:54 EDT 2008

bastien wrote:
 > "Martin Langhoff" <martin.langhoff at gmail.com> writes:
 > >>> But my point was that, at the moment, you can choose to "Erase" an item, and
 > >>> it's gone forever. I expect that many kids will do this, and will at some 
 > point
 > >>> regret erasing some item.
 > >>
 > >> Yes.  This is a request that has been made here in Haïti.
 > >
 > > AFAIK, the plan is to *discourage* deletion until the disk is getting
 > > full. When you are getting to disk-full, "trashcan" doesn't help.
 > Yes it does: it contains entries that the system can safely delete
 > without forcing the user to go thru the entries and sort them out on 
 > the fly.

does the journal have a similar way of marking entries
as "feel free to delete this if i need the space"?  i think
giving it hints as to what's expendable would be important.

 > >  - no old-and-backed-up files we can safely remove? Prompt the user

prompt the user, interrupting whatever they were trying to get
done?  that seems less than optimal.  if my current UI-of-choice
implemented "disk full" this way, i would have long
ago created personal mechanisms help me organize my work into
"very important, must save", "would be nice to keep, but i can
recreate it if i want", and "don't really need it, but i won't
throw it away until necessary".

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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