Developer program (Re: New system firmware to test)

Gary C Martin gary at
Thu Aug 14 14:06:40 EDT 2008

On 14 Aug 2008, at 17:20, Jim Gettys wrote:

> Please request an MP system via the developer's program.
> In fact, this is true for anyone who got prototypes from us that  
> doesn't
> yet have an MP system.....  Having good developers testing against old
> hardware doesn't help testing.
>                        - Jim

There seems to be some serious lag in the dev request process.

I currently have a B4 unit, and requested 1 (or if possible 2) MP XO  
units so I could help test power/suspend and activity collaboration  
issues for 8.2.0. That request was formally approved and accepted 4-5  
months ago now. I've made several gentle inquiry email pings since  
then but everyone seems so seriously busy I've not had a reply yet.

I've been doing what I can with the B4 for 8.2.0, and even tracked a  
couple of collaboration glitches (for morgs) by working with random  
strangers on some of the public (but often off-line) jabber servers.

Are there any suggestions as to how to move things along? If the  
answer is just  a simple, "no, sorry, buy your own MP in the next G1G1  
cycle." That's fine, I'll keep on hacking on the B4 I was graciously  


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