partition layout options

Erik Garrison erik at
Wed Aug 13 12:02:34 EDT 2008

OLPC Developers,

My understanding is that for at least the following reasons we wish to
implement partitioning support on the XO in subsequent (9.1) software

  - Firmware-level system upgrades:  Partitioning allows us to sequester
    user data and security data from system data.

  - Filesystem choice:  So long as OFW can read our boot partition, we
    can boot into any root filesystem which Linux can support.  This
    means we don't have to add support for every potential root
    filesystem and compression algorithm to OFW.

Given that we will eventually use partitioning on the XO, what layout
shold we choose?  How many partitions should we establish, and what
should their contents be?

Currently I understand that we need at least /boot, /, and /home/.  We
could conceivably isolate /security as well.  Other options are
available.  I would like to flesh them out.


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