First impressions of joyride-2280

Martin Dengler martin at
Mon Aug 11 18:48:01 EDT 2008

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 02:15:28PM -0400, Chris Ball wrote:
> Hi,
>    >> - After suspending with the power button however (screen goes off)
>    >> and resuming with the power button, eth0 is down and does not come
>    >> up automatically. Manually bringing it up with ifconfig and
>    >> assigning it the same ip4 address as before allows to continue the
>    >> external ssh session.
>    > Reproduced this here. I was able to just do an "ifconfig up eth0"
>    > after resume and NM reinstantiated the connection to my AP and my
>    > TCP sessions stayed up but this obviously wrong behaviour.
> I think I'm going to back out the change that tells NM to sleep and wake
> during "sleep mode".  NM should be doing all the same things it does to
> find a connection at startup, but it's clearly not working.  Maybe we'll
> be able to re-enable this after we move to NM 0.7.

Just in case, this might just be -
NM doesn't always notice changes because haldaemon doesn't always
notice changes.

I've been quite happy with how NM does its wake-up logic after coming
out of XO sleep, despite [1].  I'm using joyride-2271, so if it's
"clearly not working", perhaps it's a recent regression?  I can help
joyride-bisect or something.  I'd hate to have the baby thrown out
with the bathwather, if indeed you do prefer NM to re-do its wake-up
logic in this post-sleep case.

> This means that the XO won't look for a new connection when coming out
> of sleep, and will re-use whatever you were connected to before.

Is there a way to force NM to re-scan (do it's "wake" behavior) in the
GUI?  If not, and if NM won't notice you've lost the AP and re-wake,
your change will be useful when you just close/open and don't move
around but annoying when moving locations.

> - Chris.



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