Motivation behind recent selections of tickets marked blocks?:8.2.0?

Michael Stone michael at
Sat Aug 9 20:27:15 EDT 2008


I've noticed you tagging lots of tickets over the last few days for
consideration as 8.2.0 blockers. Some of your selections make good sense
to me, like the GPL tickets (#4265), but others make less sense to me,
like the debuginfo packages issue (#4264), the TurtleArt naming issue
(#5941), the boot-lock/pretty-boot coupling issue (#7896), and the
grab-bag of quality issues (#7413). Could you say a few words about the
vision underlying your choices so that I can compare it to my own
understanding of what the 8.2.0 release needs to accomplish?



P.S. - Thanks very much for all the time you've spent combing Trac for
tickets that matter to you and bringing them to our collective
attention; I wish that more people were equally generous.

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