Read 49 on Joyride (was Re: Evince)

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Sat Aug 9 18:39:12 EDT 2008

I tried Read 49 on joyride-2273.

On Tue, 2008-07-29, Daniel Drake replied:
> The rpm changelog suggested [that Read supports DjVu]. Can you try it
> out with a recent joyride?

The needed djvulibre library is in the build.  Trying the DjVu samples 
at , Read recognizes it's e.g. a 10-page file. 
But I had weird behavior: nothing displayed until I zoomed out, page 
back would make machine very slow, zooming in again would hang, etc.  I 
updated ; note this is a 
Milestone 9.1.0/9.1.0:+  bug.

Also TIFF display in Read continues to have glitches as it did in 

So I updated to say:
   Read only works well as a PDF viewer. You can start other
   file formats in Read from the Journal but may have problems.

Reading the Sugar handbook PDF from the library, zooming to 400% and 
then page forward and back (I always click the wrong game pad buttons in 
eBook mode :-/ ) leads to really slow performance until Read dies.  So I 
reopened , sorry if that's the wrong 

These could all be manifestations of Evince memory handling. is closed, upstream is
--> Is there a way to tell that my XO is low on memory, or was low on 
memory just before a crash?  I don't see anything about low memory in 
the Read activity log or sugar logs.

I got the "Keep error" every time I stopped the Read activity, I added 
some log output to

Thanks for the new software, what's the OLPC PayPal account :)

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