Suspend vs Network Traffic - blockers

Ricardo Carrano carrano at
Tue Aug 12 11:22:46 EDT 2008

Dear all,

It is very important to correctly approach the interactions between
suspend/resume and network traffic.

There are at least two mechanisms that need to be in place for both
things to be able to operate together without causing major issues:

1 - The multicast address populating on the firmware, that is needed
for collaboration to work:

2 - The signature based filter, that is needed for ARP to work
(keeping in mind that no ARP, no unicast traffic, nothing):

Both items above represented driver patches that were proposed,
discussed and implemented at least in a test kernel or in one of our
branches. It is very important that they are confirmed to be in
production kernels to be released in 8.2.0.

It is also very important that the configurations are done properly.
As you can see in wake on
ARP will not be set automagically.

A configuration example can be found in:


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