XO keeps staring at its own belly button

Andrew Burgess elist at cichlid.com
Fri Aug 8 17:55:21 EDT 2008

2008/8/8 Ixo X oxI <ixo at myna.ws>:
> I should also add another case.
> I have a customized install of firefox (download tarball, alias to run out
> of /home/olpc).  Sometimes when I run Firefox, and forget about the limited
> memory size...  after about 6 tabs of pages, the whole systems "molasses
> effect"... I suspect due to memory swapping madly to keep up.  Soon after it
> starts to bog down, sugar kills the activity and I see a suddent speed
> increase. :)

Have you tried with a swap partition? Swap is robust now on a
SD card, immune to suspend/resume and power cycle.

I use opera with many tabs and easily get 100MB swapped out. As
you say, it doesn't work otherwise.

> I haven't tried this with the newer firefox.xo activity (with FireFox 3.x).

3.x is supposed to have alot of memory leaks fixed...

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