[sugar] Question about clipboard service

Bastien bastienguerry at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 6 16:22:18 EDT 2008

"Eben Eliason" <eben.eliason at gmail.com> writes:

>> Can you walk me through the steps needed for that? e.g. one kid starts an
>> activity then shares it, each other kid opens the activity and joins (or
>> opens their own work?), then ???. How do they get their own work on the
>> clipboard and how do they add it to the shared activity?
> Step by step. I limit the example to 2 kids for simplicity; the method
> scales naturally.
> 1. Kid A starts an activity
> 2. Kid A shares the activity
> 3. Kid B joins the activity
> 4. Kids A and B collaborate (synchronously) in the activity
> 5. Kids A and B go home
> 6. Either kid A, kid B, or both work in the activity (asynchronously)
> 7. Kids A and B come back to school
> 8. Kid A opens his version of the activity*
> 9. Kid B joins A's version of the activity
> 10. Kid B opens his own version of the activity**
> 11. Kid B copies part of his own version to the clipboard
> 12. Kid B pastes that clipping into A's version of the activity

About step 11: how B is to know what part of his own version he has to
copy to the clipboard?  Is this by comparing A's version with it's own?  

When the activities will re-open in the same shared-state they were when
closed, it might be very useful have a function to let A and B check for
diffs and merge their two versions - without doing manually.

There might be an "easy-merge" mode where conflicting changes are just
ignored, and an advanced mode where A and B can resolve the conflicts.


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