XO keeps staring at its own belly button

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Fri Aug 8 07:31:36 EDT 2008

> This looks a *lot* like how an XO acts when Suspend is on.  See if the
> power LED has gone off and just blinks occasionally -- that's how you really
> tell whether you are in suspend.  Power LED on steadily = no suspend.
> Power LED off most of the time, blinking on = you're suspended.

Thank you for the suggestion -- but this is NOT the case here.

I'm well acquainted with Suspend - it has effects which interfere 
with how I use my XO - so after installing I always do both 'touch 
/etc/ohm/inhibit-idle-suspend' and 'touch /etc/inhibit-ebook-sleep'. 
And my Power LED is on steadily -- showing I'm not in suspend.

The sluggishness is not consistent.  I particularly notice that at 
times, it can take more than three seconds before the XO responds to 
an alt-tab (after a period without any key presses).  This XO has a 
background (nice 19) task running on it which consumes 100% of the 
available CPU cycles -- I'm wondering if there is some kind of 
keyboard service which expects the CPU to be "free" sometime?

mikus   (Joyride 2264, with some newer rpms applied manually)

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