suspend on 'idle'

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Thu Aug 7 00:01:22 EDT 2008

First of all. I want to mention that when I first install a Joyride 
build, the initial state of the 'inhibit' flags (i.e., filenames) in 
/etc and /etc/ohm is "not present" -- that allows the XO to 
'suspend'.  Yet on the 'Power' sub-panel within the olpc 'Control 
Panel', the 'Automatic power management' box is __NOT__ checked.  I 
thought that box would control 'suspend' -- and leaving it unchecked 
would mean "I don't want my XO to suspend".   Seems like an 
incompatibility somewhere.

More to the point, I perform a number of actions as part of 
"installing" a new build.  Lately, if I forget to first set 
'inhibit-idle-suspend', the XO is __suspending__ on me while 
performing downloads (via yum) of modules to augment what the build 
contained.  [I use ethernet, and 'suspend' currently kills it - so I 
have to reboot to again have an ethernet connection.]  I *really* 
would like 'idle' to mean "processor is idle" -- not just "keyboard 
is idle" (of course my keyboard is idle -- I'm waiting for the 
still-ongoing downloads to finish before I type the next command).


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