Faster - how do I bypass "look, ma - no hands" ??

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Mon Aug 4 14:05:32 EDT 2008

Tried latest Faster -- is the small 'rodent' supposed to be cute ?

Encountered at least two hurdles.  Would someone please answer for me:

  1)  The control panel let me get into xfce.  But HOW is one
      supposed to get back from xfce to Sugar?  I did not see
      anything like a 'Control panel' available within xfce.

      What I did was to rename .xsession-xfce.  Is there a GUI ?

  2)  After the build install, I was *automatically* put by Sugar
      into 'Control Panel -> Software update'.  Only one difficulty
      - I do not have wireless, and even ethernet works for me only
      after I have customized the environmental variables.

      Autostarting 'Software update' is USELESS in my environment.
      What is the CLI command that I should later on use from root
      to invoke the 'software update' function ?

Thanks,  mikus

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