The tedium of erasing journal entries

Albert Cahalan acahalan at
Sun Aug 3 23:02:17 EDT 2008

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 7:55 PM, Gary C Martin <gary at> wrote:
> On 3 Aug 2008, at 23:03, Albert Cahalan wrote:

> This is rather unfair. I take it you've just filled up all available space
> and jffs2 is now thrashing (as would happen on almost any file system)?

"df -m ." reports 1024 blocks, 854 used, 171 available, 84% used.
"du -ms ." in the "store" directory reports 195 megabytes.

Even if it is understandable to be unbearably slow at this
level of use, which I doubt, something needs to be done.

> I find my way around my 900+ entries just fine. I do agree that a high
> percentage of my entries seem to be cruft, but there is a proposed UI
> feature that I believe will greatly reduce accidently creating new journal
> entries when what was really intended was a resumption of an earlier entry.
> The much needed extension of the new Home view to default to, and display,
> recent entries for said activity.

Who wants to resume? Can't a person just play with
an activity for a while, without saving every embarrasing
failure? Why am I forced to keep my junk?

>> Clearly, nobody is dogfooding.
> I would like to see more dogfooding, perhaps once 8.2.0 is out the door; as
> mentioned before, some occasional sugarised only dev meet-ups would be a
> nice start (Chat, shared Write for group notes, Xo IRC as a fall back when
> it all blows up, and any thing else that's useful).

That'd be a great start.

I happen to think that Sugar's python files should be
kept in the journal. Create a journal-aware git tool.
Do **everything** in sugar. If even the developers can't
manage this, then something is severely wrong.

That goes for UI designers as well. Ditch the Adobe tools
unless Adobe ports them to Sugar. MacOS is cheating.

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