The tedium of erasing journal entries

Albert Cahalan acahalan at
Sun Aug 3 18:03:20 EDT 2008

Aaron Konstam writes:

> Someone in a recent message suggested that people should learn to
> routinely erase Journal entries to prevent the NAND from filling up.
> Unless I have missed something that is a very tedious task to lay on
> someone using the current GUI interface for erasing journal entries.
> Journal entries are added at a steady rate but their removal is a
> tedious "one at a time process". I can't imagine child taking the
> time to keep these entries erased routinely. Another erasure method
> is needed.

I gave up. My journal has 1150 entries, 99% spam.

I don't even want to look in the journal. Not ever! It's unusable.
It's worse than the worst email inbox nightmare. Nothing has a useful
name, the scroll bar doesn't move with my mouse, clicking to mark an
entry takes many seconds to work (leading me to click again), and
the purely iconic interface is totally incomprehensible. I'd even
prefer the dreadful interface of Macintosh System 1.

An improvement would be to delete the datastore at boot. No joke.
The user's files are effectively missing already, because they are
lost among the spam. Stuff saved to the journal is unrecoverable
in any practical way.

In other words: users CAN NOT SAVE THEIR WORK on the XO. Sure, it
may technically get saved, but there is no hope for finding it back.

Clearly, nobody is dogfooding.

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