If you need to customize an XO automatically, you should use the Action usb stick

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Tue Apr 29 20:41:00 EDT 2008

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The action USB key offers the capability to customize the XOs nand image
It is also possible to set certain function perform at every boot.

It is a very usefull tool to customize quickly many XOs, collect information
to the usb, transfer files to the XO etc..

The required can be found here:

To prepare the key:
1) Edit the "action" script with commands to be executed once. This could
involve copying files, collecting data
2) Edit the "rc.tweaks" script with commands to be executed at every boot.
This could involve setting variables, running testing tools etc..
3) Copy all files(boot dir, bzimage, action, tc.tweaks) to the root, along
with any other file you need to perform your customization

To install the key:
1) Turn the XO off
2) Boot the XO with the usb stick plugged in without holding any game key
3) Wait until you see "no job control in the shell", and you are done!
4) To turnoff type "exit", or simply hold the power button. Remove the stick
before you boot again

* The key only works in activated machines with developer keys
* The path to the usb stick would be /mnt/usb
* Dont erase the export PATH=.. line from the action key
* If you copy files back to he usb, make sure you type sync, or exit before
removing the stick
* If you wanna install an rpm, you should first copy it locally with the
action script. Then set it to install with the rc.tweaks script, and clear
the instruction so it doesnt install the nest time.
* When booting with the action script, the wireless firmware is not loaded
* Thank mstone for creating this amazing tool!
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