Signed build for Italy

Bernie Innocenti bernie at
Tue Apr 29 18:38:23 EDT 2008

C. Scott Ananian wrote:

>>  Italy is not interested in anti-theft of course.  Could they
>>  have the laptops of SKU 23 already unlocked from the factory?
> Technically yes, but I am worried about Italy isolating themselves
> from future updates from OLPC.  The "deployment team" will have to
> make a decision there.  How large is the Italy deployment (or is this
> a pilot)?

It's a real deployment, but not nationwide.  The numbers I hear keep
changing everyday, but the initial agreement was for 5K laptops in
Florence + 5K laptops in a twin city.  There are additional laptops
for Brescia, Rome, and a mini-G1G1 that the ministry major for ICT
wanted to promote.

The deployment team will be mostly Torello and Francesco; Giulia and
myself will help marginally -- or substantially, if we find the time.

I'm not concerned about Italy remaining isolated, because of course
the next OLPC release will catch up with Italian translation, and
will therefore end this mini-fork.  How can we make sure SKU 23 comes
with this little mfg-data change from Quanta?

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