typing tutor activity

Albert Cahalan acahalan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 15:41:04 EDT 2008

Kate Scheppke writes:

> I'm a computer science student, one of many applicants to the Google
> Summer of Code / OLPC project who came up just a bit shy of
> acceptance.  Nonetheless, I plan to move ahead with working on my
> proposed project, a typing tutor.  My mentor on this project is Wade
> Brainerd.

I'll guess you might have come up short because Google is funding
three proposals for an existing program, Tux Type.


Unfortunately none of the three is a port to sugar. Probably the
port can be done in exactly the same way as my Tux Paint port,
since all three tux4kids programs (Tux Paint, Tux Math, Tux Type)
are written to use the SDL library.

I suggest that you try doing the Tux Type port.

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