typing tutor activity

Kate Scheppke kscheppke at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 00:49:25 EDT 2008


I'm a computer science student, one of many applicants to the Google
Summer of Code / OLPC project who came up just a bit shy of
acceptance.  Nonetheless, I plan to move ahead with working on my
proposed project, a typing tutor.  My mentor on this project is Wade

The goal of this project is to deliver an activity that allows
teachers to create typing lessons for children that are written in the
kid's native language using age-appropriate words and sentences.  The
application will do this using a flexible lesson screen that displays
an on-screen keyboard and one or two of a variety of tools to indicate
progress/speed/accuracy etc.  For each lesson, the lesson screen will
be formatted using the lesson text and settings provided in a separate
text file edited/written by teachers.  As time permits, I plan to
develop a GUI interface to help teachers create these lesson text

If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback on this project
please let me know.



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