jumpy cursor problem and sugar issue

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sun Apr 27 18:10:22 EDT 2008

Andres Salomon wrote:

> Yeah, all the code's in master.  No known bugs in the touchpad driver, but
> the kernel was just updated to 2.6.25.  Of course, the most important
> change might be the PT-in-relative-mode thing; when the GS screws up,
> just push down hard and use the PT to do what you want to do.

That's really cool, Dilinger!   The Turkish had asked me when this
would happen and I was embarrassed to admit there was no ETA for
it yet.

Is the new kernel already in one of our unstable builds?  Do you think
it would be dogfoodable enough for the faster branch, maybe?

On second thought, maybe faster should be used only for those changes
that make things, well, faster.  Otherwise it would quickly become a
dumping ground.

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