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Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Thu Apr 24 19:14:39 EDT 2008

An aside to all about mailing list usage : please stay on-topic.
Community-news is for announcements only (despite having a brief discussion
earlier this week), and devel is for code and development.   I'm bcc:ing
devel and copying olpc-open and grassroots lists, in the hopes that this is
taken up there.

Darah's email isn't a brush-off, OLPC isn't doing the sort of campaigning
for that bill that you propose.  That is a fine thing for OLPC Chicago (or
any supporter) to do.  And of course we are interested in seeing it and
measures like it succeed.

To some of your specific points:

>  >  >  Not everyone knows everything about your project - though it's
>  >  >  interesting to hear.
>  >
>  >  Not my project! Illinois's! They asked me to make contact on their

Who asked you to make contact on their behalf?

>  >  How does one invite him to State Senate Hearings? Darah or who? Does
>  >  he have an appointments secretary?

Why would you invite Nicholas to a State Senate Hearing?  What would that
accomplish?  I have the general sense that people would like to advocate for
passage of this bill in the Senate, and that there are people who would like
to show up at the senate hearing, but I'm not clear on who they are, where
such a trip is being organized, or what the desired outcome would be.  There
is clearly some support for the bill -- would you aim to cement it?  To
oppose expected opposition or alterations?  To push for specific
alterations?   Advocacy needs clear purpose.

Here is the bill status, for those interested:

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