Free memory on Image Files

Steve Lewis smlewis at
Wed Apr 23 05:10:41 EDT 2008

I have been working with Java on the XO. I installed sun's standard java 
on my XO with no real difficulty. When I try with one of the more recent 
images I find that the install (about 80MB) fails because the disk id 
full. df on an emulator running with a more recent joyride reveals only 
60mb free.
1) I cannot believe there is so little space
2) I do not know how to expand the disk image - i tried dd fairly 
unsuccessfully and would love to see a full command line to grow an
image to 2 GB
3) I tried using qemu-create to make a qcow with a bigger image
So my issue is
Why is joyride so full?
How can I develop with more space?
Is Deploying 100mg a problem on the XO?

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