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Tue Apr 22 20:41:42 EDT 2008

Mitch Bradley wrote:
> I know quite a few children in the US who benefit from laptops running a 
> proprietary stack.
> Web access is the core capability that transforms the computer from a 
> convenience to a near necessity.
> Before the web, most people in developed countries had computers at work 
> for doing "Office"
> stuff, but only a fraction of households had them.
> "activities" will hold children's attention for some time, but in the 
> long term, the desire to
> access all of the world's information will persist long after the 
> activities become boring.
> Suppose, as a thought experiment, that someone were to propose giving 
> every child in the world
> a device that could do nothing but access the web.  Would you consider 
> that a positive
> educational step?
> I would.
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None of what you have said above has anything to do with a proprietary 
stack. Why does the web experience have to be beneficial via a 
proprietary stack? The web is what it is because it conforms to open 
standards. HTML comes to mind...

Speaking of proprietary stack, remember AOL and Compuserve?


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