list of laptops connected to jabber

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at
Mon Apr 21 04:05:41 EDT 2008

Le samedi 19 avril 2008 à 22:18 +0300, Giannis Galanis a écrit :
> In the testbed in peabody, the list of peers seen from the server is
> usually a superset of what we see from each individual mesh view.

Could be related to: #6883 #6884 #6888

> It would be very useful if we could get the list shown by the analyze
> activity, but from the console.
> I believe it would easy to do that from the telepathy-gabble logs. For
> every new "arrival" or "departure" there must a specific entry.

Actually there are different levels for this:
- Contacts know as online by Gabble
- OLPC Buddy in the PS
- Buddy displayed by sugar in the mesh view

And of course, bugs can occur in each level.
telepathy-gabble.log gives us enough information to track the first
level (but not easy to read as log can be a mess). presence-service.log
for the second. And currently the only way to check 3 is to manually
count buddies.

I agree with you, more helper would be welcome to debug these kinds of


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