networking scenarios

Dafydd Harries dafydd.harries at
Fri Apr 18 14:44:44 EDT 2008

Ar 12/04/2008 am 02:22, ysgrifennodd Mel Chua:
> Also, to answer Daf's original question, I took a stab and put up
> (with some discussion from
> this thread on the talk page) - move/edit/delete and all the usual if I've
> duplicated something. This page is currently an orphan, so if someone could
> link to it from some other relevant pages, I'd be most grateful.

I've since found a couple of other pages which are related:


   This page describes itself as part of the support FAQ, so maybe not
   suitable for extending with information for developers.


  This is much more similar, and has a cool diagram, but I'm not sure how the
  list there matches up with mine. In particular, it's not clear whether
  "Access Point" implies the presence or absence of a server, and my list
  doesn't contain the "Mesh Portal Point".

I also stumbled on this blog, which is about asynchronous

I think it might have some interesting ideas for us as we try to support
long-term collaboration in addition to the real-time collaboration that Sugar
supports today.


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