Collaborative Activity Development

Morgan Collett morgan.collett at
Mon Apr 14 11:05:38 EDT 2008

(Excuse the cross-post, but I don't know whether activity authors are
on the sugar list, which I presume is the more appropriate list for
this topic in future...)

I'm now working for OLPC, on improving activity collaboration. If you
are developing an activity and have/intend to implement collaboration,
my mission is to make that easier through documentation, examples,
improved API and general assistance.

Please take a look at
- a work in progress but it's intended to be a one-stop shop for
information on implementing and improving collaboration.

This week's Sugar development meeting on IRC
will focus on activity collaboration. If you have questions or
comments I'd love to discuss them then.

Otherwise, catch me on #sugar, or if you have issues that would
benefit other activity authors, please send them to the sugar list and
we can discuss them there.


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