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Tue Apr 15 15:18:19 EDT 2008

On Tue, 15 Apr 2008, Eben Eliason wrote:

>>  BTW I am starting to ask users if they like the "hot corners" frame
>>  popup thingy. Let me know if you are open to feedback on that and if you
>>  have any alternative design proposals to share or specific questions you
>>  want answered.
> We've recognized that accidental activation of the Frame is a problem,
> but haven't had time to implement any of the proposed changes.  The
> simplest change we hope to add is a tiny delay, to prevent accidental
> activation when attempting to reach a button or element near the
> corners.  Even a very small delay of, perhaps, 1/5 second should help
> reduce this.  We'll likely add a slider to the control panel allowing
> this value to be adjusted from instantaneous to off.  Other ideas are
> welcome, as is any feedback that indicates the common causes for the
> accidental activation. (Is it the jumpy trackpad?  attempts to hit
> buttons in toolbars?  activities with canvases such as paint? etc.)

just moving the pointer around it's too easy to trigger the frame. the 
jumpy trackpad makes this worse, but it's just really easy to loose track 
of where the pointer is and have the frame pop up.

since there is a key on the keyboard dedicated to controlling the frame, I 
have been very happy with just disabling the automatic popup completely.

David Lang

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