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Wed Apr 9 17:52:24 EDT 2008

On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 2:53 PM, Samuel Klein < at> wrote:
> It's nice to see a python toolchain for this (though I don't see any code at
> that url?)  They exist in other languages as well.  We've been working with
> Linterweb's Kiwix ( and the Schools-Wikipedia, which use their own
> toolchains.

[fixed up cc list]


I suspected that there would be something out there - Alecu's
implementation has some interesting smarts in that it does an
auto-selection of the pages to include. I'll let him explan that. The
wikislice page talks about the user providing the list of urls, which
means you need to auto-generate that somehow.

Maybe we can integrate CDPedia's scoring scheme?

[I did an svn checkout of kiwix, this thing has an embedded gecko.]

> ps - I don't see code at the google-code url... and "cdpedia" is a name used
> by a few existing projects, some commercial; you might want to choose
> another name.

Go to the code page, and click on the svn browse thingy...

> pps - Martin: simple: is nice, but not of uniform quality

Good to know! --  I wasn't ewxpecting too much uniform-ness out of
wikipedia anyway ;-)


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