Simple gtk+ program - output not as expected

Yuan Chao yuanchao at
Mon Apr 7 10:22:08 EDT 2008

2008/4/7 Aswathy <aswathyp1986 at>:

>   I have compiled the program shown below in my system in Fedora platform
> and had run in my system too. I took the executable file of this program and
> run it in the OLPC. But I couldn't get the same output as that in Fedora.
> Why is it so? It just shows up like the whole screen. It doesn't even act
> like any activity in OLPC. What can we do to this code so that it looks like
> an activity in OLPC? How can we modify it?

>     Please suggest the modifications needed for this program so that it runs
> similar with the OLPC too.
Sugar is a special window manager (based on matchbox?) written for XO
so you can't expect exact the same app behavior as that under normal
windows manager, like gnome or KDE. Basically, all app. windows will
be full-screen and no min/max or close buttons as you saw. It doesn't
matter which toolkit you are using to write the program. Just if you
use PyGTK, you can directly use the currently available libs. for UI
instead of doing everything yourself.

Best regards,
Yuan Chao

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