4-way Activity Sharing 100% Reliable on Ethernet

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Wed Apr 2 20:06:38 EDT 2008

Dear devel,

I just did an extremely small test:

 1) reflashed 4 XOs with candidate-703 + recent bundles
 2) installed olpc-utils-0.71-1 and a usb ethernet adapter on each XO
 3) started Chat, Write, and Read (Phyla.pdf)
 4) made friends among all 4 xos
 5) shared Chat by invitation; and accepted each invitation
    ... typed a few messages ...
 6) published Write and joined the shared instance
    ... typed a few comments ...
 7) published Read and joined the shared instance
    ... one XO received the PDF quickly; the other two took about a
    minute longer (perhaps because they waited through a timeout period
    before requesting the document from an XO with a complete copy?)

The interesting property to observe is that on an Ethernet, with four
XOs plugged into a shared switch, activity sharing was 100% reliable.


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