External USB Keyboard, LiveCD, WiMax, BIOS

Jim Gettys jg at laptop.org
Thu Sep 27 05:28:35 EDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-09-26 at 23:59 -0700, big one wrote:
> Because OLPC XO will be sold to general public with G1G1:
> 1. The user may be adult big fingers. Is it possible to use standard size, external USB keyboard and mouse with XO laptops?

Yes, just plug them in.

> 2. The user may want to use other Linux Distro using LiveCD, such as Knoppix, DSL, etc. Unfortunately Linux on XO must use modified/patched kernel and different boot method. Is there any wiki / HOWTO on creating Linux LiveCD for booting XO laptops from external USB CD-ROM drive or external flash drive?
> http://www.livecdlist.com

That will take a small amount of work; you either need to remaster the
liveCD to have a kernel that will boot on the machine, or chroot into
the CD environment.

You can see some of how to do this by examining such parts of the wiki
such as  http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Installing_Fedora_Core,

> 3. In Vietnam and India, the government plan to use WiMax, not WiFi in rural areas. In developing countries such as Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, USA, there are new project to deploy WiMax network. Is it possible to use external WiMax with OLPC?
> The public user in developing countries may want to use WiMax, not WiFi. Can the governments in developing countries order OLPC XO with built-in WiMax, not WiFi?

No.  WiMax does not yet have significant deployment, and there isno
internal built in WiMax hardware as a result. 

> 4. According to Insyde, the BIOS for OLPC XO laptops should be provided by vendor (OLPC) and customer cannot buy the BIOS directly from Insyde. Can OLPC sell the Insyde BIOS as optional add-on for public (through G1G1)?

No.  We are not in a position to support the Insyde BIOS.  You'll have
to talk to them about that.
                                 - Jim

> Thank you.
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