Console Mode, DOS Emulator on OLPC

elw at elw at
Tue Sep 25 19:57:07 EDT 2007

> Subject: Re: Console Mode, DOS Emulator on OLPC
> OLPC does not support VGA/EGA/CGA graphics, so the display code for all 
> those old programs will not work.

IIRC xdosemu provides vga support within an X window.

I sympathize with folks who want to run ancient dos educational apps on 
the OLPC - it'd be great if xdosemu were available as an activity-like 
bundle for folks who need it.

[Same goes for C64 emulators... there are still folks in chemistry and 
biology and physics who have useful code that runs on the Commodore 
machines.. even at Big 10 universities.  ;)]


>> 1. There are large number of DOS education application suitable for teacher and students.
>> 2. Most DOS applications are designed for slow PC below 100 MHz.
>> 3. There are many abandonware/freely available 20 years old DOS applications/tools on the Internet, such as TurboC, TurboPascal, TurboBasic etc.

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