#3506 BLOC Trial-3: XOs connected to jabber server AND can link local don't share well

Kim Quirk kim at laptop.org
Thu Sep 20 09:47:57 EDT 2007

Hi Simon,
I agree with your request to 'see' more information in the short term
because it is nearly impossible to debug. I believe we needed this bug to be
fixed because sharing just didn't work in some cases; but you are correct
that without knowing if you are connected to a school server or not; and
without being able to choose to connect to a specific jabber server or none,
there will be confusion.

We are working on the requirements for a Control Panel that can let you
choose your jabber server. Maybe it should also let you choose NOT to
connect to a jabber server so you can only talk to other XOs that not
connected to any server (and they can choose not to be connected).

I want to see if we can get the most basic aspects of a control panel in by
FRS (even if it doesn't get a real UI) so that we can have a little more
insight and a little more control that we have right now.


On 9/20/07, Zarro Boogs per Child <bugtracker at laptop.org> wrote:
> #3506: XOs connected to jabber server AND can link local don't share well
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> Comment(by smcv):
> (I should note that turning off Salut like this when we have a server
> connection doesn't do anything to address any concerns you may have about
> network traffic caused by Salut - as I explained in an email thread a
> month or so ago, most of Salut's network traffic will already have
> happened by the time you connect to the server and turn Salut off.)
> The fundamental UI problem here is that we don't give the child any
> indication or control of whether the activity will be shared locally, or
> on the server, we don't give them that information about activities they
> can see, and we don't show them whether they and their buddies can see the
> server or not; but the observable behaviour is inexplicably different,
> depending on these things.
> I realise hiding irrelevant technical details from the children is a goal,
> but perhaps for 1.1 it would make things clearer if the sharing UI could
> distinguish between local and server sharing (People Near Me vs My School
> perhaps?), and add a badge or other scope indication to
> activities/buddies, or something?
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