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Mon Sep 10 13:31:29 EDT 2007

As I understand it, the microkernel for the Marvell wireless chipset is the
only remaining proprietary software on the Laptop, and although we want to
get rid of it, nothing is happening.
Is that correct?

Richard Stallman told me on Saturday that this is the only impediment to him
recommending the XO. Whatever your personal opinions about RMS might be, he
can be a valuable ally, and the price for his support is quite modest, since
we want to do this anyway.

Several people have commented on the bug page that they want to work on this
piece of the problem, but nobody seems to have organized it. I'm willing to
be the focus of the effort. We need the Marvell documentation, and the
location of the code OLPC has written on top of the microkernel. (Both easy
enough, I assume.) Then we need a bit of advice on what to use. TinyOS has
been suggested.

But first we need some commitment. Who would like to work on it? Who would
be willing to advise?

Edward Cherlin
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